Mindful Eating PART 2: can mindful eating really help you lose weight?

Mindfulness and mindful eating seem to have found their way into the mainstream health and wellness space in the past few years, which isn’t surprising considering the many benefits that come with practising them, many of which I have experienced first hand. You can read some practical tips on how to become more mindful in your everyday life, as well as what mindful eating is all about in the first part of this post.

The short version… mindful eating involves using all five senses to fully experience eating or drinking, by observing what’s going on inside you as well as around you in that moment.

When you eat mindfully you take time to notice how the food smells, how it feels to the touch, the colours and textures, the temperature and flavours, any sounds when you bite into the food. You pay attention to what is happening inside the body when you’re eating – what does hungry, full, half-full feel like? What are the thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing about the food when you’re eating it? Do you feel anxiety or stress? Guilty? How quickly are you eating?

So why is this so beneficial?

Benefits of mindful eating

There really are so many benefits of mindful eating, but here are my top 5.

number 1 You’re able to enjoy food as an experience.

Eating mindfully makes eating pleasurable rather than just something we do 3-6 times a day. Rather than it being a habit we do on autopilot, it can become so interesting and enjoyable that we don’t want to be distracted by the TV or computer at mealtime.

It’s about learning to fully experience and enjoy your food. We rarely stop to fully appreciate and taste the food on our plates, and take it from me, it’s so incredibly liberating to be able to truly enjoy food rather than feeling guilty about eating it.

For me personally, I still have to make a conscious effort to slow down when I eat meals because I’ve spent Read more

Mindful Eating PART 1: what is mindfulness + how can mindful eating change your life?

Mindful eating part 1

Mindful eating is an incredibly powerful tool for better health, improving our relationship with food, tuning into our bodies, trusting ourselves more and stopping those eating behaviours that aren’t serving us like overeating, bingeing or emotional eating. And it certainly can help you lose weight in a way that’s permanent and kind to your body, mind and soul.

In this two-part post, I’ll share some information about mindfulness in general, what mindful eating is, its benefits, as well as tips to practice mindful eating so you can experience the amazing benefits for yourself!

Before I dive into mindful eating though, I think it’s important to share a little bit about mindfulness in general first, since it’s gained popularity and become a bit of a buzz word in the health space over the past couple of years, and for good reason. But up until about a year ago I had no idea what it really involved and what it could do for my life. So…

What is Mindfulness and why is it beneficial?

Well, you’ll probably agree that most of us lead such busy lives that we’re often rushing from one thing to another throughout the day, completely unaware of what we’re doing or what’s going on around us. We’re busy worrying about what we have to do later in the day or week, or stressing out about something that was said earlier or forgotten about yesterday.

Mindfulness is about consciously Read more