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Choc-Berry Layered Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are a staple in my kitchen, and for good reason. They are packed with so much nutrition that helps sustain energy, boost digestion and detoxify the body. Plus they’re really versatile, and can be eaten soaked (so they become gel-like) in puddings, desserts and smoothies, or as they are to add crunch to salads, sprinkled over chicken or fish, in baked goods or even on a bowl of fresh fruit.

This dessert or breakfast (or let’s face it – mid afternoon snack) is packed with so much nourishment for your body, quite frankly you can have it any damn time you please! The sweetness in the recipe comes purely from berries and bee pollen – no sugar added, and the coconut milk and flakes are full of healthy fats that will keep you full and satisfied longer. Not to mention the protein and fibre packed into those chia seeds!
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Gluten + refined sugar-free plum crumble

Plum Crumble Recipe

On these cooler winter nights, there is nothing better than a warm, sweet dessert to end a meal. 

This plum crumble recipe uses dates and plums for sweetness, and is completely refined-sugar free. While you traditionally stew fruit with sugar, I think this recipe is more than sweet enough without it. That’s the great thing about eating a clean, sugar-free diet, it doesn’t take long before everything starts to taste sweeter naturally. 

Why it’s good for you:

  • Plums contain vitamin C to boost the immune system as well as unique antioxidants that are great at neutralising free-radicals in the body to prevent cellular damage.
  • Hazelnut meal is a good gluten-free substitute for flour and full of healthy monounsaturated fats that are great for lowering inflammation in the body and improving heart health. It also has a high amount of vitamin E which is important for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. 
  • Using coconut oil is also beneficial as it’s anti-viral and anti-fungal properties can help sooth the digestive system.

I’ve found that incorporating cooked fruit is a really great way to add a delicious sweetness to a variety of recipes, and gives you the benefits of added fibre and nutrients too! Plus you can put it on the stove and forget about it (as long as it’s covered), so it’s super easy and ready in all of 5 minutes. Ideal for a weeknight after-dinner treat! Read more


Easy Chocolate Mousse with Peanut Butter Swirl

OMG is all I can say about this little dessert I whipped up when I was craving a chocolate fix the other day. I’ve made this easy chocolate mousse before, but on this particular day I was in a creative mood and decided to stir some of my newly homemade nut butter through it at the last minute – and the result was absolutely incredible!

Plus, it takes next to no time to throw together and can be eaten after just a couple of hours in the fridge).

Why it’s good for you:

  • Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats which help inflammation, as well as improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. They’re also high in fibre to maintain a healthy digestive system and B vitamins which can help improve mood and energy levels.
  • Cacao powder is a superfood packed full of Read more