Gluten-free Smoked Salmon Blinis

Gluten-free Smoked Salmon Blinis

Afternoon BBQ’s and get-togethers are one of the best things about Summer. But I know how hard it is to find tasty, healthy things you’re proud to feed your guests. When we have people over I love to make a platter of these gluten-free blinis topped with beautiful fresh smoked salmon which are always a hit! They not only looks impressive, but are a delicious healthy alternative to store-bought dips and crackers. 

Blinis are transition Russian pancakes normally made from buckwheat flour and buttermilk. Buckwheat flour contains gluten which has been shown to cause digestive issues for many people. This version is based on my gluten and dairy-free easy-peasy pancake recipe (just adapted to be savoury), so you’ll need a handful of ingredients, a few herbs and seasonings and you’re ready to rock-in-roll.
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Carrot, Ginger + Apple Soup

carrot and ginger soup

While soups are traditionally associated with Winter, I think they’re the perfect meal to have when you want to give your digestive system a break every now and then.

Spring + Summer is BBQ season, and while I try to eat a lot of fish, sometimes I find myself eating more red meat than I’d like. After a couple of days of heavy meals I usually start to crave a light dinner or lunch – and if I’ve had my fair share of salads, a bowl of soup is my go-to. If the weather’s warm outside, then I’ll have it cold or at room temperature. 

This  carrot, ginger + apple soup is lovely and sweet and totally fits the bill. It’s filling on it’s own, however I like to add some flaxseed to mine to boost the protein and fibre content (making it even better for helping my body detox naturally). Plus the bright and vibrant colour makes you just want to jump in and eat it! Read more


Sweet Potato Pasta with Bolognese

If you’re a pasta lover looking for a tasty gluten-free substitute then this sweet potato pasta recipe is for you. 

Before I bought my first spiralizer a year or so ago, I’d gone without spaghetti for nearly 2 years! Pasta was one of my favourite meals as a kid, and as a uni student pasta bake was without fail, on the menu a couple of times a week. But when I went gluten and grain-free 3 or so years ago, pasta was no more (sad face).

And while I felt fabulous for it, it didn’t stop the cravings for a good lasagna or spag bol every now and then. But luckily the invention of these amazing spiralizing machines has meant that I can enjoy them using vegetable noodles – without having to sacrifice my clean eating principles (happy face)!

I’ve experimented with lots of vegetables in this dish (and we’ve had lots of fun coming up with kooky names for all of them!) but I find sweet potato pasta or noodles (aka swoodles) has a texture and weight that most resembles pasta. After a few mouthfuls you don’t even notice that you’re not chowing down on a mouthful of linguine!

Spiralizers are really versatile, and you’d be surprised what vegetables you can eat this way. Ribbons of things like carrot, beetroot and cucumber can be used to make a multitude of salads, sweet potatoes can also make curly fries or hash browns and carrot and zucchini are a delicious substitution in a veggie noodle pad thai. They’re a little bit of an investment, but you’ll definitely be able to use it for more than the occasional ‘pasta’ meal.

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Gluten free Moussaka Recipe


When I was in my mid-20’s I packed up my life in  Australia with the dream of working on a beach in the Greek Islands for the summer. But unfortunately the fantasy was definitely better than the reality!

I’d quit my job, sold my car, put everything in storage and headed off for a trip around Europe that led me to Mykonos, where I planned to spend my days serving cocktails and sunning myself on the beach.

I got a job without even trying after one day casually mentioning to a guy behind a bar that I wanted to work on the island. Literally 5 minutes later I was serving drinks to groups of holiday-makers enjoying their summer holidays.

In my enthusiasm to get started I didn’t even ask about the working conditions or salary and it was halfway through my first shift that I found out that I would be working for 3 euros an hour, 7 days a week for the entire Summer. Where was I going to have time to sip mojitos and work on my tan!? Working 10 hour days without a break wasn’t part of the fantasy! So, at the end of that first day I decided Read more


Oven Baked Salmon with Lemon + Dill Cauliflower ‘Rice’

One of my favourite foods in the world is Salmon. I eat it at least 2 maybe 3 times a week because it’s so versatile and I rarely eat it the same way twice in a row. It’s great with poached eggs or thrown in a fritatta for breakfast, in a salad or vege bowl for lunch, or I love oven baked salmon grilled or steamed for dinner. And the best thing is it doesn’t take long to cook so if you’re rushed for time it can be ready to eat in 15 minutes flat.

Of course it’s versatility isn’t the only thing that’s great about salmon. It’s high is essential omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown to reduce inflammation and are important for mood, brain health and cognitive performance.

We need both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for good health, but an important indicator of a healthy diet is consuming the right balance of these. The optimal ratio of these essential  fatty acids is about 1:2, but due to the increased consumption of processed and convenience foods in our modern diet most people consume a ratio more like 1:15-20. Yikes!

The over-consumption of omega 6 fatty acids (without sufficient omega 3’s to buffer their negative effects) can increase chronic inflammation, reduce cellular communication as well as limit nutrients from entering cells (meaning joint pain, lethargy and brain fog).

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Healthy chicken parmigiana with a kick

One of the things I start to crave when the weather gets cooler is comfort food. And one of my favourite comfort foods growing up (there were many – and I intend on sharing my healthy versions of all of them!) was a good ol’ chicken parmigiana.

This recipe is made with chicken tenderloins which I personally prefer over using chicken breast. The meat is slightly sweeter and when cooked well they are much juicer than the breast which can get a little dry. You also get perfect sized ‘mini parma’s’ which are a great option to spice up your lunchbox. The only downside of using this cut of meat is that you need to remove the tendon (bare with me, it’s actually not that bad..)

You can watch a video here to see how quick and easy it is. Trust me, you’ll never make chicken parmigiana with chicken breast again! Read more