Dairy-free Paleo Cream Cheese

One of my favourite foods is cheese, and while I don’t eat much of it these days, I still crave cream cheese every now and then – slathered on vegetables, in a wrap, as a healthy alternative to béchamel in a vegetable lasagna or on my yummy smoked salmon bilinis.

While it’s pretty easy to find convenient dairy-free alternatives to milk, cheese alternatives are a little harder to find in the supermarket. And if you do spot some, you’ll probably fall over when you see the price!

This dairy-free and paleo-friendly cashew cream cheese is the perfect way to still enjoy soft cheese if you can’t (or prefer not to) consume dairy. The texture and taste of this is pretty close to the real thing, it’s easy to make and cost effective to boot! But you do have to allow a couple of days if you want to make the recipe as described, which makes it taste much more authentic. So if you can plan ahead you’ll thank me. There is a much quicker version below too though, so if you need to make and eat this today, you’re still in luck!



Dairy free paleo cream cheese


Why it’s good for you:

Cashews are lower in fat than other nut varieties as well as a good source of both magnesium and zinc which helps maintain healthy bones, boost energy and support the immune system.

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