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The Healthy Pantry Guide

Are you confused about what oils are good for you? Or what baking substitutes are needed for healthy desserts and cookies?

I don’t believe that healthy eating and weight-loss should be a battle of willpower or determination, so in this Healthy Pantry Guide I’ve put together a list of healthy alternatives for you to stock up on and enjoy – so you can start creating healthier versions of the foods you love, meaning natural weight-loss and a reduction in those nasty side effects like gas, bloating, constipation, brain-fog, fatigue, poor memory, skin issues and uncontrollable cravings.

Eating the foods in this guide will fuel your body with foods for optimum health, digestion and energy.

Meal Planning 101

When you’re tired after a long day and just can’t face cooking or worse yet there’s no food in the house… who can blame you for choosing a quick and convenient option like pizza or lean cuisine? The problem is something ready-made is most likely filled with preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavours and sugars, which isn’t the best choice for your health and weight-loss goals.

The key to losing weight, staying healthy and maintaining optimal health is all about planning and preparation. This 10 page guide is packed with practical tips and advice, along with printable checklists, meal plan templates and a shopping list to make planning for you and your loved ones a breeze. Oh and did I mention you can save money and time too?

Taryn Williams Health Coach

Want to know more? See what sparked the idea for the Health to Happiness Project and my personal journey to finally ditch dieting for good.

healthy recipes

Who said clean eating had to be boring? Enjoy some inspiration for quick, easy meals that will help boost energy, naturally lose weight  + detoxify your body.

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Catch up on the latest inspiration, advice + recipes that promote digestive wellness and a clean, toxic free + happy life.